Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is an investment fund that can be bought and sold on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) just like ordinary shares.

There’s two types: Passive and Active

Passive ETFs
Are the most common and they track a benchmark (e.g. index, sector or commodity). Their goal is to move in line with the underlying benchmark and provide a near identical return (less fees). The difference between the ETFs return and the underlying benchmark’s return is called the “tracking error”. Fees with Passive ETFs are typical lower than Active ETFs and Managed Funds.

The largest Passive ETF of the ASX is the SPDR S&P/ASX 200 (STW) which tracks the return of the S&P/ASX 200 Index.

Active ETFs
Are less common and can be identified by the use of “Hedge Fund” or “Managed Fund” in their title. These ETFs are actively managed and aim to outperform a benchmark or follow an objective.

The most well-known Active ETF is the BetaShares Australian Equities Bear Hedge Fund (BEAR) which aims to generate returns that are negatively correlated to the returns of the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation index.

While ETFs provide an excellent way to gain exposure to a whole market or sector through one transaction, some small funds have extremely low liquidity and might have a large “spread” in the buy/sell price.

IMPORTANT doesn’t provide share price data.

The best website is Market Index.
They have current ASX share prices, company charts and announcements, dividend data, directors’ transactions and broker consensus.


What are the Pros and Cons?

ETFs have gained significant popularity over the past few years. This is primarily due to their simplicity, transparency and ability to provide exposure to a basket of shares in one transaction.


  • Simplicity
    You can buy and sell ETFs with your stockbroker just like ordinary shares.
  • Diversification
    Investors can gain access to a whole portfolio of companies through one security, foreign indices and commodities.
  • Transparency
    Fund Managers must regularly disclose their holdings along with their tracking error and fees.


  • Liquidity
    Some smaller funds have very low liquidity so exiting the security might be difficult or costly
  • Currency Fluctuations
    If you're investing in an ETF that tracks an overseas benchmark then currency movements will impact your investments return.


List of ASX ETFs (1 January 2020)

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Code Company Market Cap Weight(%)
ACDCETFs Batt Tech Lith14,473,1000.02
AGX1ANTPDS Globl SHRS26,770,8000.04
ASIABeta Asiatech Tigers83,172,0000.13
AUDSBeta Strong AUD3,516,0000.01
AUMFIshares Edge Au MF16,004,2000.02
AUSTBeta Managed Risk Au48,934,9000.07
BBOZBeta Aust STR Bear153,745,0000.23
BBUSBeta US Strong Bear91,809,0000.14
BEARBetashares Aust BEAR56,561,6000.09
BILLIshares Core Cash585,649,0000.89
BNDSBeta LM Aus Bond111,152,0000.17
BNKSBeta Global Banks40,828,5000.06
BONDSPDR Aust BOND47,608,6000.07
CETFVaneck China Ashare27,423,3000.04
CNEWVaneck China New51,755,8000.08
COREETFs GLB CORE Infra22,633,0000.03
CUREETFs S&P Biotech6,879,2100.01
DIVUbs IQ Mstar Aus DIV19,014,5000.03
DJRESPDR DJ Global REIT339,031,0000.51
DMKTAmpcap Dynamic MKTHF21,422,9000.03
DRUGBeta Global Health33,368,0000.05
EEUBetashares Euro ETF4,885,6500.01
EIGAEinvest Income23,784,7000.04
EINCBetalm Equity Income26,145,1000.04
EMKTVaneck Emerging MKT28,760,8000.04
EMMGBeta LM Em Fund9,027,2700.01
ESGIVaneck ESG Internatl24,483,1000.04
ETFUbs IQ Mstar Aus8,092,0100.01
ETPMAGETFs Physical Silver96,601,6000.15
ETPMPDETFs Physical Palladium3,864,7500.01
ETPMPMETFs Physical PM Basket10,013,7000.02
ETPMPTETFs Physical Platinum5,695,7800.01
F100Betashares Ftse 10089,225,2000.13
FEMXFidelity Gem51,929,9000.08
FLOTVaneck Au Float Rate292,867,0000.44
FOODBeta Global Agri21,539,5000.03
FUELBeta Global Energy76,567,6000.12
GDXVaneck Gold Miners195,934,0000.3
GEARBetshares GEAR Fund82,875,6000.13
GGUSBeta Geared US EQ25,560,0000.04
GLINAmpcap Global Infra34,389,9000.05
GOLDETFs Physical GOLD1,113,230,0001.68
GOVTSPDR GOVT Bond28,086,0000.04
GRNVVaneck Esg Australia57,554,4000.09
GROWSCH Real Return Fund52,508,3000.08
HACKBeta Global Cyber169,576,0000.26
HBRDBeta Active Hybrids603,852,0000.91
HEURBetashares Europe31,611,0000.05
HJPNBetashares Japan36,470,8000.06
HVSTBeta Divharvester160,607,0000.24
IAAIshs Asia 50 ETF559,271,0000.85
IAFIshares Comp BND1,057,300,0001.6
IEMIshs MSCI Emg Mktetf680,965,0001.03
IEUIshs Europe ETF635,688,0000.96
IFRAVaneck Infrastruct197,329,0000.3
IGBIshares Treasury85,384,9000.13
IHCBIshares GBL BND Aud227,960,0000.34
IHDIshares S&P DIV Opp289,614,0000.44
IHEBIshares Usdembond Au33,656,9000.05
IHHYIshares GBLHGHYD Aud44,449,1000.07
IHOOIshares Global 10052,369,2000.08
IHVVIshares S&P 500 Aud264,873,0000.4
IHWLIshares Core WLD Aud114,033,0000.17
IINDBetashares India17,238,1000.03
IJHIshares Mid-Cap ETF155,164,0000.23
IJPIshs MSCI Japan ETF304,955,0000.46
IJRIshares Small-Cap197,558,0000.3
IKOIshares MSCI SK ETF72,824,6000.11
ILBIshares GOV Infl127,650,0000.19
ILCS&P/ASX 20 ETF Units FP316,620,0000.48
IMPQEinvest Fiscf980,8520
INCMBeta Income Leaders17,805,5000.03
INESIntllgnt INV Eth SH18,659,7000.03
INIFIntllgnt Aus Icm FD32,802,6000.05
IOOIshs Global 100 ETF1,793,670,0002.71
IOZIshares S&P/ASX 2001,763,680,0002.67
ISECIshares Enhancd Cash140,003,0000.21
ISOS&P/ASX Small Ordinaires 103,985,0000.16
ITWIshares MSCI TW ETF5,645,8800.01
IVEIshs MSCI Eafe ETF370,711,0000.56
IVVIshares S&P 500 ETF3,369,400,0005.1
IWLDIshares Core WLD118,885,0000.18
IXIIshs Global Cons ETF188,800,0000.29
IXJIshs Glob Health ETF668,069,0001.01
IZZIshs China ETF108,646,0000.16
KSMK2 Au Small Cap Fund16,622,3000.03
MGEMag Global Equities1,629,340,0002.46
MHGMagellan GBL EQ Fund130,504,0000.2
MICHMag. Infra. Fund CH514,279,0000.78
MNRSBeta Global Gold13,937,0000.02
MOATVaneck US Wide MOAT151,554,0000.23
MOGLMOGL (Managed Fund)101,549,0000.15
MONYUbs IQ Cash1,504,1500
MVAVaneck Property245,998,0000.37
MVBVaneck Banks43,454,9000.07
MVEVaneck Midcap122,120,0000.18
MVOLIshares Edge Au MVOL50,067,7000.08
MVRVaneck Resources65,960,1000.1
MVSVaneck Small Masters65,206,6000.1
MVWVaneck EQUAL Weight1,080,110,0001.63
NDIAETFs India Nifty 509,000,0000.01
OZFSPDR 200 Financials89,146,5000.13
OZRSPDR 200 Resources97,156,6000.15
PAXXPlatinum Asia Fund156,038,0000.24
PIXXPlatinum Int Fund375,513,0000.57
PLUSVaneck Au Corp Bond258,751,0000.39
PMGOLDGold Corp 0.00 ZAU Call STR.Prod Defset6,999,050,00010.58
POUBetashares Pound ETF17,357,0000.03
QAUBetashares Gold ETF165,730,0000.25
QFNBetashares ASX Fin32,389,1000.05
QHALVaneck QUAL Hedged22,709,8000.03
QLTYBeta Quality Leaders28,260,2000.04
QMIXSPDR MSCI World QMIX21,681,5000.03
QREBetashares ASX Res70,027,9000.11
QUALVaneck WLD Xau QUAL805,992,0001.22
QUSBetashares US 100050,677,6000.08
RBTZBeta Robotics & Ai26,610,2000.04
RDVRussell High DIV ETF283,359,0000.43
REITVaneck Internat REIT9,994,3900.02
RENTAmpcap Global Prop24,315,9000.04
RINCBeta LM Real Income55,059,4000.08
ROBOETFs GLB ROBO128,051,0000.19
SFYSPDR 50 Fund604,361,0000.91
SLFSPDR S&P/ASX Prop Fu651,642,0000.99
SPYSPDR S&P 500 ETF Chess Depositary Interests 1:1 SPDRS&P50031,743,2000.05
SSOSPDR Small Ords23,480,9000.04
STWSPDR 200 Fund3,649,460,0005.52
UBAUbs IQ MSCI Aust ETF181,006,0000.27
UBEUbs IQ MSCI Europe16,682,6000.03
UBJUbs IQ MSCI Japan6,498,7700.01
UBPUbs IQ MSCI Asia13,705,9000.02
UBUUbs IQ MSCI Usa8,490,7100.01
UBWUbs IQ World Ex Aus43,269,9000.07
UMAXBeta S&P500 Yieldmax99,744,0000.15
USDBetashares US Dollar259,652,0000.39
VACFVan Aus Corp Fi ETF381,089,0000.58
VAEVGD Ftse Asia Ex JPN186,146,0000.28
VAFVNGD Aus Fi1,292,530,0001.95
VAPVNGD Aus Prop Sec1,619,250,0002.45
VASVNGD Aus Shares4,473,610,0006.77
VBLDVNGD GLB Infra73,248,7000.11
VBNDVNGD GLB Agg Bond137,850,0000.21
VCFVD Int CRD Sec ETF164,612,0000.25
VDBAVNGD DIV Balance211,042,0000.32
VDCOVNGD DIV Conserv92,487,4000.14
VDGRVNGD DIV Growth202,909,0000.31
VDHGVNGD DIV High Growth267,856,0000.41
VEFIVNGD Ethi GLB Bond14,716,1000.02
VEQVGD Ftse Eur Shares261,052,0000.39
VESGVNGD Ethi Intl SHS54,786,9000.08
VEUVNGD All-World Ex-US Chess Depositary Interests 1:11,604,380,0002.43
VGADVNGD Intl Shares H751,654,0001.14
VGBVNGD Aus GOV Bond413,128,0000.62
VGEVNGD Emerging MKTS356,718,0000.54
VGSVNGD Intl Shares2,115,380,0003.2
VHYVNGD Aus High Yield1,351,510,0002.04
VIFVD Int (Hedged) ETF410,953,0000.62
VISMVNGD Intl Small Cap27,909,3000.04
VLCVNGD Aus Large106,908,0000.16
VMINVNGD Min Vol ATV ETF16,045,8000.02
VSOVNGD Aus Small362,278,0000.55
VTSVNGD US Total Market Chess Depositary Interests 1:11,847,820,0002.79
VVLUVNGD Globvlu ATV ETF20,468,4000.03
WDIVSPDR Global Dividend284,358,0000.43
WDMFIshares Edge WLD MF255,595,0000.39
WEMGSPDR Emerging MKTS20,449,9000.03
WRLDBeta Managed Risk GL68,447,2000.1
WVOLIshares Edgewld Mvol127,848,0000.19
WXHGSPDR World Ex OZ HDG97,699,6000.15
WXOZSPDR World Ex OZ205,061,0000.31
YANKBeta Strong Usd10,140,0000.02
ZUSDETFs US Dollar8,903,1400.01
ZYAUETFs ASX300 Yield149,534,0000.23
ZYUSETFs S&P500 Yield84,555,8000.13


Archived Lists


How many ASX-listed ETFs are there?

There's over 150 ETFs and the number is growing rapidly with a combined market capitalisation over $35B.

The number of ETF investors in September 2017 was 314,000 which was up 18% from 12months prior.

ETFs market capitalisation and number of investors

Who invests in ETFs?

The average ETF investor 49 years old. One in 4 is retired, 33% invest via a SMSF and 56% intend to re-invest in ETFs in 2018.

Of the 125,000 new investors in 2018, 35,000 (39%) are expected to be Millennials.

ASX PE & Div Yield

The profile of an ETF investor is changing over time. The average age an investor first started investing in ETFs has fallen from 56 5 years ago to 42 in 2017.

Investor profile change over time

Millennial are now (by proportion) the most likely demographic to invest in ETFs in 2018. 38% expect to use ETFs in their investment portfolio as compared to just 27% of Baby Boomers.

Demographic Breakdown



All ASX ETFs Grouped by Benchmark - compiled by Market Index.

Statistics on this page - provided by BetaShares.

ETF Course - on the ASX Website.